A Green Screen program And Shooting Wonderful Fantasy Photos

Published: 11th September 2009
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Green Screen Photography is gaining more and more in popularity, especially among small photography residences that wish to bring something new and cutting edge to their business - something the massive corporate photography residences do not even bother with. Green screening, also known as chroma keying, is frequently the ideal edge a tiny studio can use to blow the competition out of the water. But to go a step further, specializing in the fantasy photography niche with a good green screen program can also separate you from the vast photography crowd.

To start with, there is the fantasy niche known as'sword and sorcery'. Some examples include the role playing game'Dungeons And Dragons' and stories such as the'Lord Of The Rings'. To take these kinds of pictures, shoot the client in full garb ( patois for period costume ) in front of the green screen, holding the weapon of their choice, such as a sabre, bow and arrow, or wand. Then, use digital backgrounds like stunning nature scenes and old architecture ( especially castles ) Then get your green screen program out and work your magic from there. Tip : If the client wants to have that soft paranormal look, take a bit of nylon and strap it to your camera lens with an elastic band. Instant softness and puzzle added.

Another popular fantasy niche is that of sci-fi. The more plain of this genre would be'Star Trek','Star Wars' and'Babylon Five'. [**] this genus also includes'Dr. Who' ( a time and inter-dimensional show ) and steam punk ( Victorian age running today's technology with steam ). Within of this niche there are thousands of cos-players ( people who enjoy putting on a costume whenever they can ) who love having their picture taken. Some ideas for fantastic pictures would be : For space travel - like Star Trek - assume the observation deck ( a large window with a star field behind it ) or Ten-Forward cantina ( shoot a modern bar for the background ). For steam punk, choose interiors of old Victorian houses.

A niche that is regularly mixed together with these two previous ones, yet also merits it's own category, is that of fairy tales. These are the pictures of fairy people and other mild creatures. For these use magical landscapes that give a feeling of mystery with just a hint of mischief in store. [**] don't think that fairy tales are just for tiny children, nor just for cos-players. Another group of people who love these sorts of photos are female high school seniors. Consider shooting their portrait with them in their promenade dress, but then placing them in this paranormal land. This guarantees you provide them with instant sorcery and joyful memories.

Eventually, the last niche which can fit inside of all of these, yet also is all on it's own, is that known as Anime and Playstation game cos-play. For these kinds of footage, look into a lot of Asian inspired locations ( both interior and exterior ) as well as decrepid locations like an old warehouse or the remains of a traditional civilization.

Overall the thing to keep in mind when shooting a fantasy photo is that irrespective of how strange or outlandish the costume may be , and no matter where in the world these characters are supposed to be, so long as you can make the picture look plausible to the client, you will have repeat business for years to come. It is so easy to make your pictures look believable with a green screen program.


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